Modern Ukulele

Gibson Style 2

【 Model 】 NAM Shows Spesial
【 Type 】 4 Strings
【 Size 】 Soplano
【 Description 】 Super Flame Hawaiian KOA Top,Back,
Side,Mahogany Necks.
【 Others 】 1999, Fishman SBT-E with Volume Controll

Larrivee Larrivee Co.,Canada made this Ukulele for the NAM exhibition.
It is made very elaborately so the tone has no problem.In comparison with Martin 3M,the string tension is lower therefore the low sounds can resound well.
This body is Koa wood.Then the attack is fast and has a good sound-cut.
Thinking about the balance,it is better if you use High-G.
But I set Low-G(#4:savarez524R) and our メWorth Stringsモ medium Gauge.