Martin Style 3
Lady of Ukulele

Gibson Style 2

【 Model 】 Style 3
【 Type 】 4 Strings
【 Size 】 Soplano
【 Description 】 Mahogany Body Top,Back,Side. Mahogany Necks.
【 Others 】 1940〜1945 or 1946

Herb Ohta loves this one,too.
Thinking about the finger-board,bottom-ornament,small-dot-position-mark and head design,I suppose it was made in 1940~1945 or 1946.
To say nothing of it,the sound is dry,sophisticated and mellow.That is a real Martin.It is very difficult to select the strings to create sounds I wish.
This is the reason why I planned and prodiced Worth Stringsモ,When I set thick strings,the balance was ruined and the sound was disjointed.In spite of this,when I set thin ones,it didn’t make any sound.
The best is to select thin high tension strings to create a sound with a nice balance and good sustainment,I never forget the sound when I opened the wrap and played this Martin 3M.This Ukulele gave me a big impression.
In the case of “Worth Strings”,a Light Gauge is best.Therefore with a Light Gauge,the first string tension is a little low so when you play strong you can choose a Medium Gauge,I set a low-G(#4:Savarez 524R) and メWorth Stringsモ Medium Gauge(Clear) now,