I’m Masaya Takahashi producer of Worth Strings.
“Worth Strings”has been selling well since we started to sale,first of September 2002.
As I said on the strings page, When I started playing the ukulele, I searched for strings I liked, but couldn’t find them in existing products.
At last I found Fluoro Carbon,but to get the strings, I had to purchase a large amount,that I could never use in my lifetime.
So I decided to make them available to the public on the internet.Thankfully many players liked it.
First, there were just 3 types. But little by little our customer’s desire for more variations, and now we have many different strings, as you know.
“Worth Strings” is made of an special material called Fuluoro carbon.
The specific gravity is about 1.78(nylon:about 1.14).
The features are a clear sound and a good balance, so it can be adaptive not only for solo play but also for stroke(strumming) play.
Therefore, despite “Worth Strings” is higher price many people choose them, because the length is longer than other company’s string, and you can get two from one of our strings sets as long as normal size ukulele.
Many Japanese customer are particular about sounds and intonation,and they are very satisfied with Worth Strings.

Worth Strings explanation

First of all,
Worth Strings is classified into two types by color,three types by fluorocarbon material and two types by length,

1. According to the color
There are Clear and Brown color, you see.
The Clear color has two materials.
Clear type has basically a more sharp and projective sound than Brown ones.
On the other hand Brown one has a more mild and mellow sound than Clear ones.
Both color has Light, Medium, Extra, Tenor and Fat gauge and become thick,little by little.
Some types are only clear or brown color with their feature.
Players can choose Worth Strings that they prefer, according to their taste.

Light Gauge(CL/BL) has a very bright sound.It is easy to barre(touch) the strings, so women and beginners, often like this.
Medium gauge(CM/BM) is our standard for solo and stroke(strumming) play.
Extra(CE/BE) is set 4th to be thicker than Medium one.The stroke players like this gauge very much.
Custom gauge(BC) has a bright and glossy sound.
Tenor gauge(CT/BT) is a powerful sound.
Fat gauge (CF/BF) gives a more fat sound.

2. According to the material
There are two materials for Clear color and one for Brown color.
The fluoro-carbon material for CL, CM, CE, CT and C-LG is our standard.
On the other hand,the fluorocarbon material for CD, CH, CF and C-LGEX is harder than CL ,etc.
So you can feel that CD etc. have a clearer sound than CL, etc.

3. According to the length,
We prepare 46 inched and 63 inches.
46inches version is basically for soprano and concert size ukulele.
63inches is basically for more than the Tenor size ukulele.
But you can set CL63 or CM63 for the Tenor size ukulele instead of CT. It is all free and depends on your taste.
We can provide 63 inches of 46 inches version with extra charge.

4. If you are confused about which Worth Strings to choose,
Use BM or CM for soprano and concert size ukulele and CT or BT for Tenor size ukulele first, please.

Since we started Worth Strings,we are always improving Worth Strings to keep our high quality and customer satisfaction.
We have such a variety of strings,that it may be confusing to our players at first.But we hope you enjoy and experiment to find your best sound.The sound changes by body material and how you play.

Besides ears(feeling) aren’t the same to all players.We believe the most important thing is your satisfaction.

We do our best to evolve the supreme sound.

Thank you very much.
Have a nice music life!!