Miki Gakki Acoustic INN

July 9th,2016 OPEN!! The biggest scale acoustic guitars and ukulele shop in Kansai,Japan and world.You can find the best one with very comfortable space and trial purpose room.


Miki Gakki Umeda Store is a 4-floor constitution guitar and ukulele speciality store. There is a ukulele specialist always in the 3rd floor.So the beginners can come here with relax.They have many from beginners model to professional one, domestic and foreign brand products and handicraft products.

Ukulele Shop Ohana

Ukulele Shop Ohana opened 5th May, 2004 in Kishiwada city, Osaka.
They deal with imported ukulele from Hawaii.

Yamaha Music Retailing Co.,Ltd.

Yamaha Music Retailing Co.,Ltd. will continue to create ‘KANDO’ and enrich culture with technology and passion born of sound and music, together with people all over the world.

basis records

basis records is a label “basis records”.
Their shop deal with not only very rare ukulele but also CD, Audio goods.


They are a shop of long standing in Kobe.


ROKKOMANN is a guitar and violin shop established in 1971.They are dealing with first-class stringed instruments of domestic and foreign.

Fukui Ukulele Cluster GAKUTO

GAKUTO is a first ukulele shop in Fukui.We mainly deal with Japanese builders’s ukulele.Besides,there are ukulele lesson and cafe.

Shuli Ukulele

Shuli Ukulele builds an original ukulele  ”Shuli” using the wood of Okinawa.

Musical Instruments Watanabe

Musical Instruments Watanabe is a long-established musical instrument shop in Kyoto that has been in operation for more than 70 years.Their Ukulele stock is one of the largest one in Kansai area and they also operate musical lesson. Their lineup of the Electric guitars,Bass guitars and Acoustic guitars are also very rich.

“” is an online store for musical instruments specialized. Everybody who do online shopping for instruments knows them.
They handle various musical instruments and related products. Besides, they will deliver all products with free shipping anywhere in Japan.
They has a real shop,(warehouse type) in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka prefecture.
You can see, touch and purchase all the products they stock.


They are the only specialized ukulele company in Tokyo, Japan.
They produce, merchandise, teach at our music school, share our ukulele museum, and hold a national ukulele contest every two years.
Their policy is “offering happiness through the ukulele” and they’re sure of it coming true!

Akio Gakki

They are a shop of long standing in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

Office Earth Works

They are a web shop dealing with their original carrying case, strap, ukulele and ukulele goods.
Their motto is “more enjoy music life stylishly”.

T's Ukulele

They are an ukulele studio in Matsumoto, Nagano.
They started ukulele building since 2000 with rich experiment and good quality material.

FGN Acoustic

It is the new ukulele brand of FUJIGEN Company.
Worth Strings is set on their ukulele as a standard strings.


It is an online – shop of FUJIGEN Company.
They have vintage guitar, ukulele and custom made instruments.


Tokyo metro,Marunouchi-line,a 3 min. walk from MinamiAsagaya station.They are a special shop for guitars and ukuleles and an import agency of Moodyville ukulele,Canada.They have an assortment of attention(Japanese,imported,Luthier,second-hand goods and vintage,etc).Besides they held monthly events and ukulele lesson.

Kakumae Ukulele

Kakumae Ukulele Series are special ukulele mounted an epochal bridge “ooTune”.So you can do the Octave Tuning with just one driver.Besides,the design and play abilities are different from other existing ukuleles.”T’s Guitar” create ukuleles with more than 30 years experienced and our high technology.We hope Kakumae Ukulele make your ukulele Life excited.

Ku'ulei Mamo

Ku’ulei Mamo was born and raised in Hawai’i and presently resides in Tokyo, where she teaches English and the ‘ukulele.  She has been playing the ‘ukulele as soon as she could hold one, as her father was an ‘ukulele/music teacher.  She has a Music Education degree from a university in Chicago and released a CD in 2015:  Ku’ulei Mamo – “Over the Rainbow.”

Elderly Instruments

As you know very well, they are an instruments company in Lansing, MI.
They have Gibson, Epiphone, jackson guitars and bass, ukulele, pichup, tuning goods, strings, books etc.

Ohana Ukulele

They are an Ukulele shop in california.
They export many ukuleles to Europe.

Mya-Moe Ukuleles

Professional quality, hand-built ukuleles.

Ukulele Source

They Locate in the heart of Japan Town in San Jose , California.
Their store specializes in handcrafted ‘ukuleles from Hawaii’.
They carry a variety of ‘ukuleles in all price ranges, and accessories including cases, strings, tuners and stands.
They also have ‘ukulele instruction books and DVDs, and CDs featuring various ‘ukulele artists to get you inspired.

Breedlove Guitar Company

They are nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains in Oregon’s high desert.
Since 1990 they has been building acoustic guitars their own way.

Five Star Guitars

They are in Hillsboro, Oregon.
They are dealing with Fender, Gretsch, Mesa / Boogie, Cordoba, KALA and so on.


Sound Uke sells high quality ukuleles and accessories from our Store in the Puget Sound Area at 9614 40th Ave SW  Lakewood, WA 98499.

We also sell the most popular Worth strings on Ebay and at our online store. Give us a try.


They are in Palo Alto, CA.


They are a ukulele studio in Santa Cruz in CA.


They are a ukulele studio in San Marcos in CA.

Strings By Mail

They are an instrumental shop driven by all musicians in MI.

Collings Guitars

They are a guitar shop in TX.
They also build ukulele.

Strings and Beyond

Sells a wide variety of guitar strings and accessories with fast, friendly service and offers free shipping to USA and Canada.

Buckdancer's Choice

They are an instrumental shop in Portland,USA.

Boat Paddle Ukulele Co.

Boat Paddle ukuleles are custom built on the platform of three original designs.

Ken Franklin Guitars

He makes custom stringed instruments, including ukuleles, in Ukiah, California.


He is a guitar and ukulele builder in Oklahoma,U.S.A.

Sound Smith

Sound Smith is an online guitar, ukulele, violin, and accessory shop located in Bend, Oregon. They provide unparalleled customer service in the industry and work with a master luthier for pro set ups and excellent quality control. Great selection of ukuleles ranging from $50-400.

The Ukulele Site

The Ukulele Site is an ukulele shop in Oafu island,Hawaii.

They are dealing with many ukuleles.

Bounty Music

Bounty Music is a full line musical instrument store located on the Island of Maui in Hawaii since 1979. We carry many types of musical instrument and specialize in ukulele. You can visit us on Maui at 111 Hana Hwy. #105   Kahului   HI   96732


They stand on the first floor in Pacific Beach hotel, Honolulu.
They have the web shop.

Moore Bettah UKULELE

He is a special ukulele builder in Hawaii island.

Uke Builders Workshop

This site is for ukulele builders.
Their online shop has many necessary material for building ukulele.


They are an ukulele maker in Kauai island.
Their ukuleles go to more than 20 countries in the world.

Pili Koko Ukuleles

They are a high quality ukulele maker in Oafu island,Hawaii.


He is creating his original ukulele based his experience at 3 ukulele studios in Hawaii and Worth Strings are used on his ukuleles.You can get HONUA ukulele directly from him in Honolulu so the price is reasonable. Play once HONUA ukulele combining Hawaiian and Japanese craftsmanship,please.

Imua Ukulele

IMUA Ukuleles are all Hawaiian made at our factory in downtown Honolulu using solid Hawaiian Koa.

Good Guys Music & Sound

Goodguys Music & Sound is in Kapahulu, next to Waikiki. They are committed to offering you the BEST PRICES on new and used guitars, ukuleles, sound systems, and more!

RISA Musical Instruments GmbH

RISA is European’s biggest ukulele shop and biggest ukulele wholesales company. We are worldwide famous for high-quality production of electric ukuleles.


Justecordes specialises in selling, making and repairing ukuleles, banjos and other traditional stringed instruments, all available in their boutique store in western France or through their website.

FaceBook is here.

Southern Ukulele Store

They are an instrumental shop in United Kingdom.

The Ukuklele Shop

They are an instrumental shop in London, UK.


They are an ukulele shop in Germany.
They are dealing with standard ukulele and electrical one.

Gute Ukulele

A shop located in Berlin, Germany, specialized in high quality ukuleles. The only German shop that carries KoAloha and Kanile’a ukuleles.


UKESHOP.CZ is an online special ukulele shop in Czech Republic.


Samuel has been a long time builder and UkuleleGuitar enthusiast, With his brand, Kamuela, he works very hard to give you the highest quality at an affordable price level – “Godly Sound at Your Fingertips…”

USM-Musikvertrieb GmbH

USM-Musikvertrieb GmbH is a wholesaler for musical instruments and accessories in Germany.We have established great trust both in our products and our service more than 30 years now.

World of Ukes

World of Ukes is registered business name for a number of activities, including UKE Magazine and Ukulele Events. It is also the name of the online and retail store for high end, specialist and exotic ukuleles, based in Carlisle. World of Ukes has a showroom with a boutique feel, where you can visit and take your time to try the instruments in a comfortable and unhurried atmosphere. There’s good quality coffee and comfy chairs too!

Schär Gitarren
Schär Gitarren is a Swiss guitar manufacturer since 1981 and builds high quality concert guitars and ukulele.Schär Gitarren also offers various construction courses such as ukulele, guitars and more.

Trebaco GmbH

Trebaco GmbH opened an ukulele shop in Ermatingen, Switzerland.Beside of selling Ukuleles.
Trebaco GmbH also have their own small shop where they build handcrafted Ukuleles – the only ones “made in Switzerland”.

Lord of the Strings
  • Lordofthestrings started in 2002 as one of the first online specialist stores in Instrument Strings catering to musicians throughout Europe(Netherlands).
    Lordofthestrings strives to offer the widest variety in brands, and deliver even the most exclusive strings from stock.This ensures fast handling and shipping.Lordofthestrings maintains a high level of service, and offer our 17 years of experience as a string specialist to every customer, providing advise and extensive information unlike any other web based store.

Original Artisan

Original Artisan, based in Weymouth, England, deals with high quality instruments, ukulele, guitar, charango, various strings, accessories, etc. all over the world. We have secured customers in the UK and abroad with excellent craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We guarantee first-class service, quick and safe shipping and 100% satisfaction with all products.


Ukesupply is an online shop specialized in Ukulele and accessories that delivers its products to the Ukulele Community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Soitin Laine Oy

Soitin Laine Oy is very well known in Finland

have been in music business since 1932 and having many famous brands in their line.


High End Travel Guitars & Ukuleles handcrafted in France. Awesome Traditionnal, Resonator and Travel models available.

Danile Brauchli Luthier

Alaskan born Daniel Brauchli is a musician and artist who has been playing, designing and building musical instruments for over thirty years. Now living in Tasmania, Daniel is making original designs of guitars, mandolins, etc, that combine the powerful acoustic properties of carbon fiber bracing, with beautiful Tasmanian timbers.

The Ukulele Trading Co Australia

They are an ukulele music shop in Australia.Purveyors of Fine New & Pre Loved Ukuleles. Private Lessons & Group Workshops.

Gladstone Guitars & Ukuleles

Building Custom handmade Guitars and Ukulele, each one unique

They are the only dedicated Uke shop in Australia.

Scarlett Music

Scarlett Music is a family owned music shop in Footscray, Australia. They sell a large range of electric guitars, ukuleles, digital pianos and books. They offer one of the largest selections of strings in the country.

Guitar Factory
Guitar Factory is a family owned  stringed instrument specialist who have beed trading since 1972 in Sydney,Australia.
They specialize in high end quality products.

Crescendo Music

Crescendo Music, established in 1976 in Perth, Western Australia. Crescendo Music is one of Australia’s top music stores for ukulele instruments and accessories. Accompanied by friendly staff with knowledge and experience in the ukulele world.

Music City Cairns

The Go-To shop in Australia for Ukuleles

From its establishment in 1974, Music City has provided Australia with quality instruments and service.

Whether it’s Instore or online Music City Cairns features a wide variety of products, including ukes, guitars and parts, collectible guitars, amplifiers, percussion & accessories.

They are an ukulele shop in Bangkok, Thailand.


They are an ukulele shop in South Korea.
They deal with standard and builder’s ukulele.

Hong Kong Ukulele is the leading Ukulele Retailer and Distributor in Hong Kong.

Koyama Ukulele

They are an ukulele shop in Taiwan.
Their YouTube and Blog is interesting.

Ukulele Movement

They are a big ukulele shop in Singapore.
They have large ukuleles.


They are a guitar and ukulele shop in South Korea.
The meaning “Oul” is an original word for their concept “sound through the world long time” based owl in Korean.


They are an ukulele shop in South Korea.
They deal with large ukuleles.


They are an ukulele shop in South Korea.
They deal with large ukuleles.


They are an ukulele maker in Taiwan.
Their brand is “PUKANALA”.

Ukulele Philippines

They are an ukulele shop in Philippines.
Their facebook is here.


They are an instrumental shop in South Korea.

Artists and Music Co., Ltd.

They are an instrumental shop in South Korea.
They deal with many ukuleles.


They are an Ukulele shop in South Korea.
They deal with many ukuleles.

Haupttonart Industrial Co., Ltd.

They are a general trading company in Hong Kong.
They are building their own ukuleles.

DS.Shop Hawaiian Ukulele

They are an Ukulele shop in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
They deal with many ukuleles.

吉他加油站(Guitar gasstation)

吉他加油站(Guitar gasstation) is a online store in China.They are major in guitar accessories and they have several guitar training school in China.

The Guitar

The Guitar is dealing with many product not only guitar,ukulele but also amps,accessories and books.


They are an instrumental shop in South Korea.Their line up is so many.

Home Sweet Home Ukulele HK

They  provide reasonable price and high quality, Hong Kong brand Ukulele and Accessories.

Tom Ukulele

Tom Ukulele is one of top professional ukulele factory in China.


Their brand “UKU ukulele” makes your life happy.


They are an guitar production in South Korea.


Theie store specializes in ukuleles & ukulele related accessories.


Mango Culture Supply is providing cultural goods and services. The goods provided include musical instruments, action-figures, and artistic items. The services provided include informing on art and culture, holding musical events, and publishing.


Kayu Tua Ukulele started in 2015 to make ukulele be more popular in Indonesia.
We supply ukulele your needs. You can make your life happy by playing it.

Music Camp

Music Camp is a wholesaler and retailer for guitars and ukuleles in Korea.


They are an Ukulele maker in Guangdong,China.

Ukunili Ukulele

Ukulele Concept store in Johor Malaysia. They provide wholesale and retail in Ukulele and Guitar in Malaysia and Singapore

Their Online shop :

Fun Music Center

We sell the best HAWAII brand ukulele from Hong Kong.

The Acoustic Guitar

They are un instrumental shop in Canada.

Moodyville Ukulele Company

She is a guitar and ukulele builder in Canada.

Face book

Marcelo Silva

They are an ukulele studio in San Paulo, Brazil.