Music City Cairns

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Music City Cairns, Australia.

Crescendo Music

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Crescendo Music in Perth, Australia.

Guitar Factory

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Sydney, Australia, Guitar Factory.

“Worth Strings” are on sale in, Japan.


MELOPEE in France is using  Worth Strings on some of their ukulele.

Soitin Laine Oy

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Soitin Laine Oy, Finland.


“Worth Strings” are on sale in UKE SUPPLY, Germany.

Scarlett Music

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Footscray, Australia.

Original Artisan

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Weymouth, UK, Original Artisan

Sound Smith

“Worth Strings” are on sale in OR,USA,”Sound Smith”

Lord of the Strings

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Nederland ,Lord of the Strings.


“Worth Strings” is used on their “UKU” brand ukulele in China.

Tom Ukulele

Worth strings is used on TOM UKULELE in China.  They are one of top ukulele factory in China.

Home Sweet Home Ukulele HK

“Worth Strings” are on sale in Hong Kong. They have BL-LG and BL now.

Worth Strings explanation

Herb Ohta,Jr.

We support Herb Ohta,Jr. Oafu island,Hawaii.

Brad Bordessa
We support Brad Bordessa, based in Honokaʻa, Hawaiʻi.
A graduate of the Institute of Hawaiian Music, Brad Bordessa writes and performs singer-songwriter and Hawaiian style music. He’s a staff instructor at the annual George Kahumoku Slack Key and ʻUkulele Workshop and webmaster of Live ʻUkulele, a free learning resource for ʻukulele players.


Paul Hemmings

We support Paul Hemmings in NewYork,U.S.A.
Based in New York City, The Paul Hemmings Uketet features the humble ukulele front and center, alongside bass and drums, in a well-seasoned jazz combo that pushes the boundaries of the ukulele tradition.


“Let’s live(go) with Bright and Cheerfully”

We support PIROKI,an unique Ukulele Comedian in Japan maybe in the world.

His performances,mainly focus on human drama start from this phrase “Do you have any problem~~?”,then continue full of his original humor and pathos with playing Ukulele.(Guitar+Ukulele)

Ryan Imamura

 We support Ryan Imamura in Guam,U.S.A. He is a sponsored KoAloha Ukulele artist and has been playing the ukulele for nearly 11 years now and has inspired many people through his gift of music. You can see him in various performances by checking his YouTube.

Know Your Instrument
Know Your Instrument offers great information about many instruments including the ukulele. You can check out their in-depth guide to learning ukulele basic chords here which many new players are finding extremely useful.

Beginners Guitar
How to choose an acoustic guitar – 11 factors to consider according to science.
It is more than 7,000 words and packed with practical tips and advice.


Andreas Rottmann runs the first mobile ukulele school,UKAHUNA in Germany.He travels from schools to scout meetings to private parties and give ukulele workshops for beginners and intermediate players. He intends to make many people smile with ukulele!!

survivor girl ukulele band

Bringing restoration and hope to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love.


KoALOHA UKULELE endorsed Worth Strings.